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Mystery Garden




finally wearing my dress ♥ it propably doesn’t look that beautiful on me, but och well… :P 

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Thanks for your support, it means a lot! ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ~♡


Quick coord with my new Innocent World Church Choir Flare JSK!

Of course the colours ended up looking different from the stock picture - I had some outfits in my mind, but now I have to replan a little… Cannot wait to wear it out though!

JSK: Innocent World
: Innocent World
Blouse: Mystery Garden

Rest is offbrand.

I’m making a new headdresses, they will be available tomorrow. Are you interested in buying accessories? What kind?

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Outfit to visit a friend!

(I know, I have too much stuff and not enough space; it is almost embarrassing…)

Blouse: Mystery Garden

Skirt: Rabbit Heart Shop

Bag: Innocent World

Rest is offbrand.

I’ve prepared a guide how to measure yourself. I hope it helps!
Shoulder width is optional, others depend of the design.

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